Be part of RISE

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A Fastlaners alumni pointed out this great opportunity for young people in East London.

St John Ambulance is offering a great opportunity through the RISE project. This is an opportunity for young people to become youth leaders in their own area.

We have spoken to many young people who really want to take lead in their community but are frustrated with the lack of avenue and resources to equip themselves with the necessary leadership skills that is required.

It is for that reason the RISE Project was developed to provide a youth leader pathway which is run for young people by young people.

The areas of training and support that is provided are:

  • Life Saving skills
  • Caring for children, the elderly or disabled
  • Peer to peer teaching
  • Leadership training accredited through BTEC

What will they be committing themselves to?

Essential skills in youth work (16+)

Level: Two (equates to GCSE grades A-C)
Content: This course provides an introduction to St John Ambulance and is the minimum qualification for a youth leadership role within the organisation and comprises:

·         Essential skills in youth work (8 hours)

·         Keeping children safe (2 hours)

·         10 hours of direct work with young people

·         First aid qualification (4 hours).


Out, about and overnight

Level: Basic
Content: This one-day course looks at the necessary requirements to work with young people off site.


Keeping Children Safe

Level: Basic
Content: A course designed for those who come into contact with children through their work or leisure activities. This short programme works by helping individuals to understand the unique role they play in keeping children safe from harm.


Leadership skills in youth work (18+)

Level: Three (equates to A-level grades A-C)
Content: A course to help prepare and support youth leaders in their role. The course comprises:

·         Leadership skills in youth work (20 hours)

·         Working safely with young people (4 hours)

·         20 hours of direct work with young people

·         First aid qualification (4 hours).


This initiative is aimed at reaching young people aged 16-25 who are not in employment and education but have a strong desire to become youth leaders in their community and making a positive contribution to their community as a whole. We believe that this will be a unique opportunity for St John Ambulance to work alongside your organisation and will be a fantastic way of supporting one another.

For the RISE brochure, please click here.